Ice hockey club Oulun Kärpät and Vepe agree on NextGen LED 360° dasher boards

The demand for globally unique LED dasher boards is increasing. In Oulu, Finland, the local arena will be equipped with Vepe´s innovative LED dasher boards during the summer 2023. 

The Finnish ice hockey club Oulun Kärpät will invest heavily in the conditions of its home arena. The current flexible rink will be replaced by innovative LED dasher boards from the Finnish ice hockey equipment supplier and manufacturer. The new dasher board system is based on the latest technology, is high-quality, user-friendly and always safe for players and other users. Vepe Nextgen LED 360° is fully covered with LED panels which gives the hockey club great options for entertaining the fans and boosting the revenues. 

"The arena is our home and we want to keep the optional setting there. The LED dasher boards enable a new entertainment element in match events and provides us new commercial opportunities," says Ilkka Mikkola, Sales Director at Oulun Kärpät. 

"We want to nurture our customer relationships, and it's great that our cooperation with Kärpät will continue. Vepe's NextGen LED 360° dasher board system is the result of our long-term development work and a good example of our ability to harness technology and innovations for the benefit of the customer. Based on great user feedback from the clubs, we believe that LED dasher boards will set a new standard for top professional hockey arenas globally", says Vepe´s Business Area Manager Matti Karmala

The latest innovation, NextGen LED 360° dasher board fully covered with LED panels, has been conquering the world since 2021. It will also serve as a game arena for the 2023 World Championships in Tampere. Also, the Swiss ice hockey club EV Zug has agreed with Vepe on the delivery of the LED dasher board system during the following summer. 

Vepe is a metal industry production company operating in Tuusula Finland, which designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality construction site, sports and fence products in accordance with the requirements of the customer's use.  

Vepe has developed and manufactured ice hockey dasher boards as a pioneer in Finland since 1976. Recently, Vepe has announced to combine with another ice hockey rink manufacturer, Icepro, as of June 1st, 2023. Together, they will continue as the largest ice hockey equipment supplier in Europe. 


Additional information:  

Matti Karmala 
Business Area Manager 
+358  44 542 03 72