World famous ice hockey rink equipment suppliers Vepe and ICEPRO agreed to combine

The combination will be known as Vepe-Icepro and it will be controlled by Vepe Oy Peltonen. The transaction will take place on June 1, 2023. 

The agreement unites the experienced Finnish companies as the biggest ice hockey dasher board manufacturer in Europe. In the future ice arena products and services will be available as a one-stop service as Vepe-Icepro will be serving customers of all sizes by equipping the ice halls from the training rinks to the world-class arenas. 

For the customers, the sales and contact persons at Vepe-Icepro will remain the same. The location of the offices and production plants in Finland will also remain unchanged, in Tuusula and Oulainen. Vepe's subsidiary company employs a total of 50 people. 

“Our companies have shared the same values, and both have invested in innovation, design and production quality. This is a great step to boost our business, and to create even greater added value for our customers in the future,” describes Lasse Pylväs, CEO of ICEPRO and as of June 1st, 2023, CEO of Vepe-Icepro.  
“For example, our Premium and pioneer product, LED 360° dasher board system fully covered with LED panels, has set the new standard for modern multipurpose arenas. Customer satisfaction, product development and innovation will be the focus of our efforts in the future as well," promises Jarmo Poukkula, CEO of Vepe Oy Peltonen. 

The new company Vepe-Icepro serves customers of all sizes worldwide with its comprehensive product range and sales network. In addition to ice hockey dasher boards, the product range includes arena facility or skills development products, storage, maintenance and repair equipment and many more.

Sales and Customer Service 

Matti Karmala 
 +358 44 542 03 72

Jani Koskela 
 +358 50 589 659 

Tomi Hukari 
 +358 440 500 194 

Topi Palo 
 +358 50 5372 529 

Dustin Gratto (US Sales) 
+1 (858) 399 0334